Business Social Media 3

Know your audience, and know your competition. Seriously.

For many of us, brand loyalty is not something we’ve established. We’re simply to small or too local to have people getting into arguments about why we’re better than the competition. That’s okay.

Because, here’s the good news–the same is true for our competition. So, if you utilize social media as a touch point to engage with potential clients or customers that already engage with the competition, you stand a good chance of converting them. This works especially well for ecommerce brands.

Example, lets say I make skate decks. Who would I want to engage with? Well sure there’s other skate deck brands that I might want to check out, but also think who else is in your niche. There’s fashion brands such as Van’s but also pro athletes, extreme sports organizations and so on.

The point being is people essentially tell you what they want to see based on who they interact with already, so reach out to them. This has helped me build brands in the past, and it’s something I continue to do now.


If this still sounds intimidating, or you’d like some guidance, or even full on management, drop me a line here!

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