Business social media 2

Business social media for the non photographer 2-instagram filters

Instagram continuity is important. When you view your profile page, the images should look like they belong together, and there’s many separate factors that contribute to this. We’re going to focus on the filter and the processing of your images.

One of the things I’ve heard is that “you should use the same filter on every image.” This is a complicated attitude, because it’s not wrong, but it’s also misleading. Applying the same filter to every image you post will improve continuity. However, for it to be successful, your unfiltered images should also be fairly consistent visually.

This is where things get tricky and it depends on who is providing the photographic services for your feed. It depends on how much you have control over and how much you are aware of in regards to the image creation.

The image needs to be managed all the way from lighting and styling, through editing and finally through to posting. The filter is not an afterthought and is not a fix all. I recommend skipping the filter entirely and baking in the style during the editing process. If you are creating your own content using your phone, the styling and lighting of the subject is still very important, but you will be limited as to what you can do with the final look of the image.

The easiest way to ensure consistency is to produce large amounts of content at once. Produce a month or couple weeks of content at a time. As it stands, you should already be planning your content in advance and have an idea of what you’re going to post ahead of time. This should actually make planning social media posts easier.

Here’s the final caveat, do not, I repeat, DO NOT pick a photographer and then force them into a look or micromanage their editing. Your results will not only be better, but your relationship with your photographer will be better if you chose a photographer whose work matches your brand identity.

Ultimately, the current advice out there is a little limited. Yes, a common filter will improve your visual consistency, but more important is visual consistency through the whole image creation process. Producing large amounts of content at once will help your consistency and images are more likely to match. Finally, find a matching photographer to your brand, do not make a photographer match.


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