The Year of the Portrait

Now I know that there has been a lot of large format posts recently, but here is another. One of my big personal projects for this year is going to be large format portraits.

I shot my first one of the year recently. The goal of the shoot was to try out a new lens I acquired, a 360mm f5.6. This is roughly an 85mm in 35mm equivalencies, making it well suited for portraiture on my 5×7 view camera.


The lens of course has its quirks. It lags by a full stop, and it doesn’t have a fantastically fast maximum shutter speed. I will likely have to pick a slower speed film just to be able to shoot at wider apertures.

Additionally I will be moving to a flatter more even, contemporary look and possibly acquiring some colored filters. While as yellow is the common look for a portrait, I have been leaning towards blue, or green for a grungier aesthetic.

I will continue to post updates as the project continues throughout the year, and I hope you’ll follow along with me.


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